About the world maps

Art.com has an incredible selection of wall maps. From the standard political and physical maps to pop art version, you’ll find map options to browse for days. Art.com’s most popular maps include an old world map, and a mural sized map for the whole wall. Almost all maps come in a variety of sizes and print options, including art printing, giclee (inkjet) printing, and canvas printing. You can choose to mount, laminate, or frame your print to give it the finish you desire. Art.com gives you extra help to make sure that map print is perfect for your wall. View what each print looks like in an actual room before purchase. Or, see the designer recommendations for framing and color scheme.

About the products in general

Art.com is an extensive art marketplace. They sell art images with topics from astronomy to performing arts to transportation. Each piece is selected to make your space remarkable. Art.com is so committed to their customers’ happiness that they offer a 100% refund on all returns.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Art.com has tools to help you get inspired, including decorating tips, designer bloggers, galleries, and sample rooms. You’ll find the perfect piece at art.com.

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Company: Art.com
Country: United States
City: Lockbourne, Ohio
Price Range: Prints start at $19.99
Products: Art prints, world map prints, photography
Payment Method: Secure online credit card, PayPal
Ships to: International
Website: http://www.art.com/
Contact: (US) +1.800.952.5592, or support@art.com

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