World wall maps are more than just a decoration (although don’t get us wrong, we love a beautiful wall map). They can be used to increase your business. From tracking sales regions to signifying worldwide offices, world wall maps can help you visualize and organize your business.

Here are 8 ways to use world wall maps to assist your business.

  1. Map your routes. Plot your shipping or transit routes on a world wall map. Use different colored pegs to represent different paths or regions. Want to get really creative? Attach string to pegs to visually represent the routes.
  2. Display your branches. Does your business have multiple offices or branches? Do you extend all over the world? Track where your company’s offices are located with a world map. Consider highlighting each office on a map with illuminated pegs, or use a corkboard map to mark the branches.
  3. Make a beautiful display. A large, professional wall map is a statement piece. Place it in a reception area or personal office for a stunning visual focus. A well-displayed world map will add a professional and cultured feel to any office space.
  4. Designate your sales regions. Track your sales regions using a wall world map. Viewing each sales target on the large scale can help you to visualize your international business.
  5. Challenge your thought. Display an unusual world map – perhaps one that shows the world upside down, or maybe one that uses the Peters Projection. These maps challenge your current view of the world and can stimulate your creative thoughts and problem solving. They’ll encourage and remind you to see your problems from a different perspective.
  6. Give an elegant gift. Not sure exactly what to give as a gift for a colleague? World wall maps make an elegant, professional gift that appropriate for workplace colleagues. Consider personalizing the map for an added touch.
  7. Track change. Use multiple world wall maps to show change over time. Maybe you want to represent how much your business has expanded in the past 10 years, or perhaps you choose to mark the changing locations of your customers. Display multiple maps side by side to visually demonstrate the change.
  8. Make reference easy. A world map is an essential resource for international businesses. A large world wall map makes an easily accessible reference tool. 

How else have you used your world wall maps to assist your business? Send us a message or a photo with your creative ideas.