Here are instructions for an easy DIY wall map project that marks where you’ve been and where you want to go.

You can find the original project from Cathy Diep on this Youtube-video underneath.

  1. Start by getting two pieces of full size display board. This can be a soft foam board, cardboard, or some other type of lightweight board. Purchase a large world wall map. If you are able, coordinate the size of the boards and the size of the map. If not, you can cut the boards to match the size of the map with an X-acto knife or similar.
  2. Tape the two boards together with masking tape or another type of adhesive.
  3. Cover the now-connected boards with an adhesive spray (this is a cheap option). We recommend covering the floor with a tarp before spraying the boards. That way, you don’t accidentally adhere anything to your floor or carpet!
  4. Adhere your map to the boards. Be careful to place it well before you lay it down!
  5. Using 3M picture hanging strips or similar, place adhesives on the four corners of the boards and in the middle of each side. Stick the boards/map to the wall.
  6. Create two color sets of tags. On one set, label places that you have been. On the opposite side of the label, you can consider writing a memory from the trip or what made it special. On the other set, label places that you would like to go. On the opposite side of the label, consider adding ideas or plans for the trip.
  7. Pin the labels on to the appropriate locations with push pins. Don’t forget to label one of each set as a map key, and pin those to the side of the map.
  8. Voila! You have a personalized travel and wishing map that you can easily update as your travel experiences grow and wishes change.

Let us know how this project worked for you in the comments below.