Wood Pallet Map Tutorial

Our friends over at The Idea Room shared a very easy DIY wooden pallet map.

How did they do it? First, find some wooden pallets. Sometimes a local nursery or hardware store will give you pallets for free. It’s always worth asking. From there it gets a bit harder; you have to take apart the pallets. We recommend cutting off the ends of the planks and then removing the middle nails by hand. Then you’ll want to sand the edges of the planks.

You’ll want to have enough pallet left on the outsides of the map to be seen. This helps give your map a rustic, authentic feel. Put the planks on a piece of plywood, and connect them using a wood glue (Gorilla Glue works particularly well if it’s available in your area).

Choose a printed map – this could be one that you purchase online or in a store. You probably want to choose an antique style map. To make the edges look older, trim them so that the edge is not straight and even, and then burn the edge with a candle (keep some water nearby, just in case).

burning the world map

Then, lay the map on your planks. Using an X-acto knife or similar, cut the map into strips to match the planks. Then, adhere the individual strips to the planks using Mod Podge or similar. After letting your map dry, you can choose to cover it with a polycrylic finish or similar.

You can find pics at The Idea Room. Did you try this project? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below.