About the world maps

Etsy has a large collection of world map wall decals. Because Etsy is a marketplace for individual craftspeople and manufacturers, the options are always changing. On Etsy, if you can’t find the map you’re looking for, you’re probably not looking hard enough! You’ll find map decals in black and white, full color, chalk outline, kid specific, antique, fabric, and a huge variety more. There’s paintings and fabric and decal maps. Plus, you can ask for individualized or custom products just by contacting one of the sellers.

About the products in general

Etsy is a marketplace for crafts and products. Sellers are often individuals who produce unique and creative products, which allows you to shop directly from people around the world. Browse by type of product, or view an individual seller’s personal store. As you browse more, Etsy will start to offer recommendations based on your taste. If you’re still not sure what to view, you can see what your favorite brands and bloggers purchase, or see top ten lists from Etsy tastemakers. You’ll find handmade or custom-order products. The range is incredible; from paintings to soap to clothing to jewelry, you’ll probably leave Etsy with more than you came for!

Etsy logo

Company: Etsy
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn, New York
Price Range: Prints start at $19.99
Products: Crafts, goods, map decals
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: Most products ship international
Website: https://www.etsy.com/
Contact: On the website contact form

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