About the world maps

Eureka Cartography specializes in custom maps as reflected in their world map selection. Customers can customize a world map by which continent is in the center of the map, map projection, map scale, map style, map colors, and more. The company is able to create any map you can imagine, and loves the challenge of creating new and unique map projects.

Their more common world maps include maps with current geographic information but in an older or antique style, and maps centered on different countries. Unique maps include maps for business, showing worldwide locations, maps showing disease progressions, and maps in different languages.

About the products in general

Eureka Cartography are custom made specialists, with expertise in creating custom maps of all locations, sizes, and for any use. They have expertise in a number of different medium, including globes, maps, maps for books, digital map files, visitor maps, guidebook maps, and more. They consult with customers during each step of the process, including design, manufacturing, and printing. With relations with a wide range of professional mapmakers and geographers, Eureka Cartography has the resources to create any custom map for your needs.

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Company: Eureka Cartography
Country: United States
City: Berkeley, CA
Price Range: Dependent on customization
Products: World maps, custom maps, guidebook maps, textbook maps, printed maps
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: International
Website: http://www.maps-eureka.com/index.html
Contact: 510-845-6277, mapmaker@maps-eureka.com

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