About the world maps

Everywhere Maps and Globes invites you to familiarize yourself with the world’s geography using their wide selection of world wall maps. As a Canadian company, Everywhere Maps and Globes reminds you that a world wall map, or a wall map of Canada serves as an important step in planning your Canadian vacation or tourist trip.

Their selection of world wall maps includes a number of executive world maps, a classic political world map, and a vivid-color map. Included in their more unique products is a extra-large size map at 118 inches (396cm) x 86 inches (264cm), made to cover your entire wall. They also offer world maps with a different perspective, including upside down maps and maps centered on different continents.

About the products in general

In addition to world wall maps, you will find globes, travel maps, and travel guides. There are also a number of kids maps, such as the kids world map with felt add-ons, kids map puzzles, and a child sized globe. More advanced maps include nautical charts and topographic maps, and road maps of all Canada.

Everywhere Maps and Globes has a physical store located in Ontario, Canada with staff who personally pick the items that appear in the store and online. For browsing online, the company’s website is helpfully designated into various categories by region, city and park, country, and continents.


Company: Everywhere Maps and Globes
Country: Canada
City: Toronto, Ontario
Price Range: Wall maps starting at $19.95
Products: Travel maps, wall maps, topographic maps, globes
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: USA, Canada. Ships to other countries with account number.
Website: http://www.everywheremaps.com/
Contact: admin@everywheremaps.com

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