About the world maps

The Future Map Company offers a vision of the world in various colors and strong design. Maps come in various color schemes, including emerald, lime, and metallic khaki, and khaki, coral, and gold. The company also offers a large size map, called the Huge Future Map. This map is 77 inches (1960mm) by 40 inches (1000mm) including a border. If you’re looking for a classical political-physical map, consider the classic map that comes in various colors as well as black and white. For a different perspective, consider the wide angle map.

In a tribute to the London Olympics, the company made a map commemorating the various athletics and competitions from the olympic games and comes in the olympic colors. There is also an option for a magnetic finish to the maps and framed options.

About the products in general

In addition to world maps, the company has maps of specific continents, cities, and countries. The company ships worldwide and has free shipping within in UK. The rest of Europe and the US have half price shipping.

World map designs are elegant and colorful. The shimmering metallic and bold colors create a strong visual statement in any room. The maps are printed using a lithographic printing process from designers and specialists in the United Kingdom and Italy. Each of the maps has a long data collection process before printing can happen to ensure accuracy and care and all are edited by hand by cartographic editors.

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Company: The Future Mapping Company
Country: United Kingdom
City: East London
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Products: Wall maps
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: International
Website: futuremaps.com
Contact: info@futuremaps.com

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