Example Geochron map

Geochron map

What is a Geochron map?

Geochron maps are mechanical maps that show you exactly where the sun is rising and seeing around the world in real time.

The light patterns change with the season, meaning that you can see the way the light from the sun hits the Earth at any given time. On the world map you’ll see an illuminated bell-curve like section that represents the sun’s light on Earth. As it rotates around the map, you can see exactly when sunset and sunrise are happening anywhere around the world. These maps allow you to visualize the duration of daylight in any place worldwide adjusted for the season. Many geochron maps come with highly accurate clocks, adding to the precision of this engineered map.

Geochron maps are mechanical works of art. They make a stunning visual display for any wall. They also are technically useful – geochron maps are used by diplomats and business leaders worldwide. They hang in the United States Pentagon and White House, and US President Ronald Reagan even gave one as a gift to Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev.