Apply a world map sticker

Apply a world map sticker

How to apply a sticker map in 8 steps

It can seem daunting to apply a map sticker to your wall. But with help from these simple steps from our friends at The Binary Box, you’ll be able to apply your map sticker with ease.


Squeegee (or thin plastic card like a credit card)

This tutorial refers to three layers of the sticker map. The first is the sticker itself, the second is the adhesive film that connects to the sticker, and the third is the backing sheet – the thicker paper on the back of the adhesive film.

  1. Use wall-safe tape to stick the sticker to the wall (backing paper side to the wall). Make sure the sticker is secured on the wall and placed exactly where you want it!
  2. Rub over the entire map with a squeegee or card.
  3. Start with the left half of the map. Carefully peel the sticker and adhesive film away from the backing sheet. Fold the sticker/film over the remaining part of the map, so that it doesn’t stick to the wall before you’re ready.
  4. Once you reach halfway, cut the now-exposed backing paper. Then, fold the sticker over and apply it, rubbing with a squeegee or credit card to apply.
  5. Now take the right side of the map, and fold back the entire sticker, adhesive film, and backing sheet to halfway. Pull off the second half of the backing sheet.
  6. Fold that half of the sticker out to lie flat on the wall. Using your squeegee or card, apply the sticker to the wall. Make sure to rub over the entire map.
  7. Carefully peel back the application film. Go slowly! It helps if you pull it back by placing your palms on the film and sliding the material, rather than pulling it from one end. Cut the application film if it gets too long.
  8. Rub over any parts that start to come off the wall. When the film is totally removed, gently rub over the sticker.
  9. Enjoy your new wall map sticker!