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Looking for a fun and educative toy? Then take a look at the giant magnetic world map designed by the French toy company Janod. Due many international awards Janod has proved to be one of the finest and most creative toy designers in the world! Next to that Janod’s toys meet all current standerds and regulations because they are build in assosiation with Bureau Véritas. Playing with Janod’s toys means playing in a safe atmosphere.

Almost all Janod’s toys are both fun and educative. But one stands above the rest if you ask us. And that’s the Janod Magneti’stick world map wall sticker. This giant world map is brightly colored and divided into 8 different sheets. After sticking the map on the wall, it’s time to play. With more then 100 magnets in the shape of many different animals kids can play endless by placing the sticky animals on all parts of the world. Not only fun, but also a nice way to learn the animal’s habitat. The size of this giant world map sticker is 170 x 100 cm.

Janod toy Maps

Company:  Janod
Country:   France
Price Ranges:  $ 66.50 – $ 69.99
Product: Magnetic wall sticker
Sale: through other shops
Other: size 170 x 100 cm

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