About the world maps

Kappa Map Group sells sophisticated world wall maps intended for business and home office use. The maps comes laminated and with options for framing rails and spring rollers. You also can purchase a pre-framed map. World wall maps includes traditional physical and political maps, as well as antique looking maps with classy frames. World wall maps come in various sizes up to 108 inches (274 cm) wide. Kappa Map Group produces elegant and high quality world wall maps for any discerning customer. 

About the products in general

Kappa Map Group sells a wide range of map and travel products. They have a large selection of local, regional, and international atlases along with pop out and inside out guides to a number of US and foreign cities. Their educational map section is very helpfully divided by grade level, so that you can ensure you purchase the map that is correct for your students’ ages. The company also offers national park travel guides to many major United States national parks.

For sophisticated and elegant map solutions, look at Kappa Map Group.

Kappa Mapgroup logo

Company: Kappa Map Group
Country: United States
City: Blue Bell, PA
Price Range: World wall maps start at $180.00
Products: Wall maps, educational maps, globes, atlases, pop-up maps, waterproof maps, travel guides, map accessories
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: United States, international
Website: https://www.kappamapgroup.com
Contact: (US) +1.800.829.6277, or info@kappamapgroup.com

World Advanced Physical Framed Wall Map (Black)  World Advanced Political Framed Wall Map (Silver)  World Antique-Look Framed Wall Map  World Political Rolled Map (Paper)  World Giant Rolled Wall Map