About the world maps

Lightravels does away with the standard pushpin to mark your travel destination and instead uses lit pegs. These colored pegs give your travels an extra sparkle. Select from four world map options, each of which is optimized for the lit pegs. There are unlimited options for colored displays. Perhaps you use one color for the places you’ve visited and another for your dream trips. Maybe you highlight each trip in a different color. In the professional world, you can mark different offices or division in different colors. Whatever design you make, your lit pegs will add color to your world. 

About the products in general

Lightravels prides themselves on offering an elegant solution to map displays. Customers can show off their travels with the excitement and style of lit map display. In addition to the world maps, consumers can choose from three United States maps that are also designed for lit peg use. Customers can also design a custom map that Lightravels with outfit for the lit pegs.

Customers consistently compliment that company on their customer service and responsive communication. Lightravels does offer a 220-volt version of the map for international customers.

Lightravels logo

Company: Lightravels
Country: United States
City: Denver, Colorado
Price Range: Wall maps, $229.99
Products: Illuminated wall maps
Payment Method: Secure online credit card, PayPal
Ships to: United States, international
Website: http://www.lightravels.com/
Contact: (US) +1.303.513.1350; sales@lightravels.com

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