About the world maps

The Mapnetic map is a magnetic world map. Easily applicable to any magnetic surface, the map also has a dry erase surface for easy writing. The map comes with additional magnets including an airplane image, stars to mark future locations, and small notes magnets. Perfect for the front of your refrigerator or a magnetic wall, this fun map allows for easy rearranging and easy moving.

With the dry erase surface, you can explore a whole range of additions, including marking places you’d like to travel, places you’ve gone, or just writing notes on top of the map. You also can add photos and mementos from your travels to the map using any magnets.

About the products in general

Luckies of London offers a funky and cool products from around the world. The company now creates innovative and fun gifts and accessories. One of their best selling products is the Scratch Map, another world map which allows users to “scratch off” the countries they’ve traveled to. In addition to their London based website, Luckies products are stocked at a number of stores around the world.

The website offers lists of gifts for him and her. But be careful, the gifts from Luckies of London are often so great that you won’t want to give them away!


Company: Luckies of London
Country: United Kingdom
City: London, England
Price Range: Mapnetic map (US) $22
Products: Mapnetic map, scratch off map, gifts and accessories
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: International
Website: https://www.luckies.co.uk/gift/mapnetic/
Contact: (UK) +44 (0) 345 230 3533, or shop@luckies.co.uk

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