We found a great wooden map art project from our friends at The Happier Homemaker. Here’s a quick summary of how to complete to project. For a full description, check out the instructions from the Happier Homemaker.

Start with a wooden base – scrap wood is best for this, or wood from previous projects. From there, print out a map template. Apply this map template to your piece of wood using carbon paper as the buffer between the printed map and the wood.

From there, the Happier Homemaker recommends that you prepare the wood with a wood conditioner and sand it with a fine grain sandpaper. Without this, your stain might bleed on the wood.

Take any stain you desire and use a small paintbrush to paint within the lines you traced using the carbon paper. Viola! That’s it. Your board will probably finish with a distressed, rustic look. We recommend brushing your paintbrush only one direction when painting in the landmass area (horizontal lines appear to be best).

This project definitely takes someone with an ability to paint within the lines. Have you tried it? How did it work for you? Or do you have a similar project to share? Let us know in the comments below.