About the world maps

Map Works designs and creates their own maps in-house. Large wall maps are in full-color detail with valuable information highlighted. They come laminated, made for easy writing with washable marker, and come with top and bottom rails already added in.

Map Works wall maps are primarily focused on New York State and Ohio area, and include maps of specific regions within these states. Their folded maps, which can be applied to the wall, include larger regions of Ohio and New York. The company also offers custom maps for any company or organization. With their digital mapping technology, Map Works can create custom wall maps and other large maps that customers cannot find on the website.

About the products in general

Map Works was started in 1974 by Thomas Kennel and was renamed Map Works in 1987, a name it has honored since then. The company prides itself on producing detailed but clear maps that remove clutter and organize information. Although the company started as a distributor for other publishers, it now is a fully in-house map designer, printer, and distributor.

The company provides maps and custom maps to a number of businesses as utility maps, school district maps, tourism maps, and more. In addition to standard features such as roads, airports, and railroads, Map Works’ atlas maps also offer folded maps with medical facilities, shopping centers, industrial areas, schools, zip code boundaries, and other points of interest included.

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Company: Map Works Inc.
Country: United States
City: Rochester, NY
Price Range: For wall maps, from $209.00
Products: Folded maps, atlases, wall maps, custom maps
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: International
Website: http://www.mapworksinc.com
Contact: (US)1.800.822.6277, or tomkennel@cox.net