About the world maps

Map World has a strong selection of world maps. Located in Australia, the company’s first listing for maps are Pacific-centered maps. You’ll also Europe-centered and Africa-centered maps from sizes large to supermap. Maps are sold with paper or laminated finishes. For a large statement piece, check out the full wallpaper world map at 4 meters by 2.6 meters.

Map World has a number of unique offerings. For example, the company sells maps from The Future Map Company, which demonstrate the landmasses in their correct proportion to one another. These maps use vibrant colors printed on to silk-coated paper for a gorgeous shine. Another unique product is the world corkboard map. This map, which is self adhesive, gives you the opportunity to pin photos, postcards, and mementos to the map itself. Finally, you can purchase Geochron maps, which illuminate legal time zones with an electric clock motor in synchronization with the Earth’s rotation.

About the products in general

In addition to world maps, Map World sells GPS units and atlases as well as specific nautical charts. They also offer world flags and flag poles, and a number of handmade globes. The company offers free shipping to all of Australia for orders over $50.00.

Map World logo

Company: Map World
Country: Australia
City: Willetton
Price Range: Wall maps start at $24.00
Products: Australia and New Zealand maps, international maps, wall maps, nautical maps, flags and gifts, globes, GPS
Payment Method: Secure online credit card, PayPal
Ships to: International
Website: http://www.mapworld.com.au/
Contact: (AUS) 1300 795 697; perth@mapworld.com.au

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