About the world maps

Maps.com is the largest US online maps store, and its selection matches its size. You’ll find everything from antique-style maps to world maps in Spanish to an illustrated map for kids. As you browse the large collection, you’ll see that the company laminates world maps for additional durability and for ease of hanging. Maps.com ships to the United States and 30 other countries including most of Western Europe, and offers secure purchasing options for major credit cards and often gives free shipping on expensive orders.

About the products in general

Apart from the wide variety of wall maps, Maps.com earns its reputation as the largest US online maps store. Additional products include map software, classroom products, travel guides, and atlases. The company targets business customers with its custom maps; customers can customize the map location, color, size, angle and more. Visit maps.com to play map games and quizzes, and to see online reference atlases.

Maps.com distinguishes itself with high quality products and free shipping on most orders over $175. With a huge variety and 20 years of experience, Maps.com will fit any of your mapping needs.


Company: Maps.com
Country: United States
City: Santa Barbara, California
Price Ranges: For wall maps, from $11.99 – $229.95
Products: Wall maps, world maps, travel maps, travel guides, globes, games, puzzles, digital map graphics, personalized maps, classroom products, National Geographic maps, map software, maps for kids, atlases
Ships to: United States, Canada and 30 other countries
Contact: (US) 1.800.430.7532, or through the website’s contact form

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