About the world maps

Apart from 24/7 customer service and an active social media, Maps of World differentiates themselves through their selection of digital maps. Consumers can purchase downloads of any map, including world maps, in various formats. Downloaded images are perfect for graphic designers or consumers/businesses with their own high quality printers.

If digital maps don’t appeal to you, not to worry! Maps of World also offers a wide selection of non-digital wall maps. The company sells National Geographic world maps, and a large selection of antique style maps primarily from Interkart. These gorgeous antique maps come with copper or steel plate printing and are both originals and replications. For consumers who want to make a statement, you’ll find exceptionally large world maps for the entire wall.

About the products in general

Maps of World makes it easy to find whatever product you’re looking for. In addition to wall maps, they also offer atlases, flash maps, globes, and travel maps. The company encourages international consumers; browsers can view the website in English and seven other languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Before purchasing, browsers can compare different maps using the website’s unique compare feature.

Whether you’re looking for traditional, digital, or antique world maps, it’s easy to find them at Mapsofworld.com.

Maps of World logo

Company: Maps of World
Country: United States
City: San Jose, California
Price Range: Wall maps starting at $6.00
Products: Digital maps, wall maps, antique maps, personalized maps, atlases, flash maps, globes, travel maps
Payment Method: Secure online credit card, paypas
Ships to: International
Website: http://www.mapsofworld.com/
Contact: (US) +1.408.637.0064, contactus@mapsofworld.com

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