About the world maps

As a South African map company, MapStudio has a large number of maps focusing on Africa as well as the world. World map options include a number of political and physical maps. One of the more unique options offered is a glow in the dark map, which changes from a standard physical map in the day, to a glow in the dark map in the dark.

There are also a number of world road map options that can be purchased in eBook, PDF, or print versions. These maps include a list of countries with capital cities, as well as all major shipping routes and ports. The company also offers a number of art maps of the world with special designs and custom frames. If you don’t find the world map you’re looking for, you can also consider a custom map from MapStudio.

About the products in general

MapStudio prides itself on being the leading publisher and distributor of maps throughout Africa. In addition to a wide range of map options, the company also provides travel and lifestyle products and publications. These products include a very well regarded Park Spotter Africa app that includes maps, photos, and trail information for a number of African national parks. The company also creates the Globetrotter Travel Guide series,which includes guides for over 100 international travel destinations.

In addition to these products, you can find language and phrase books, globes, travel maps, children’s maps, and street maps.


Company: MapStudio
Country: South Africa
City: Cape Town
Price Range: Wall maps starting at US $8
Products: Wall maps, language books, phrase books, globes, travel maps, children’s maps, street maps
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: International
Website: http://www.mapstudio.co.za/
Contact: (South Africa) 011.807.5470, or on their website

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