About the world maps

Metsker Maps has a selection of world maps including physical, political, satellite, and children’s world maps. In the political map section, you’ll find traditional political maps as well as upside down maps, pacific centered maps, maps by population, and typography maps. There are also a number of maps designed especially for children (but also appropriate for adults!) and a number of reproductions of antique maps.

In their specialty products is a gorgeous world map made from wood. Each map is handmade by a local artist and uses different colored wood for each country to differentiate.

About the products in general

In addition to world maps, Metsker Maps carries a wide selection of industry-specific maps, including astronomy maps, raised relief maps, wine maps, and recreational maps. For travelers in the United States, they have a number of maps specific to the Northwest region, including travel guides and maps of the Pacific Northwest.

Metsker Maps is a Seattle fixture, now located in the famous Pike Place Market. The company prides itself on maintaining its small, humble, family-owned beginnings, and although the company now has a much larger selection and international reach, it maintains a strong sense of family-oriented customer service. If you’re in the region, visit the brick-and-mortar store for an opportunity to interact with the company’s friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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Company: Metsker Maps
Country: United States
City: Seattle, Washington
Price Range: World wall maps start at $12.95
Products: Wall maps, travel maps, framed maps, guide books, globes, map accessories, puzzles and games, nautical maps, astronomy maps, flags
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: United States, international
Website: http://www.metskers.com/
Contact: on the website, or (US) +1.206.623.8747

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