About the world maps

Right Grain Decor offers screen prints on wood, particularly birch. The designs are rustic and elegant, and show craftsmanship and earthy qualities.The world map covers eight 12 inch by 12 inch panels. This beautiful map is made entirely in the United States in the studio of the original owners. Each map panel has a predrilled hole to make installation easy, and the sides are left smooth and with natural wood.
For a bigger pop of color, consider the map printed on stained birch, or choose the print on natural birch for a more subdued look. The printing can be completed in a variety of different colors.

About the products in general

Right Grain Decor started as an Etsy shop in 2009. After some experimentation, the company began to experiment with different ways of screen printing, and settled on Right Grain, where they screen print on wood. The company is a homegrown project, and is still run completely by the original owners. They manage all aspects of the business from their home. In addition to their website, Right Grain also has a store on Etsy.
In addition to printing maps, Right Grain prints modern images, images on natural birch, images on stained birch, and vintage style images. Their designs are fresh and fun and reflect their commitment to creating high quality products.

Right Grain Decor logo

Company: Right Grain Decor
Country: United States
City: Kansas
Price Range: Maps starting at (US) $225
Products: Wood grain house decorations
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: United States, contact them for international shipping
Website: http://www.rightgraindecor.com/
Contact: rightgrain@live.com, or on the website

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