Example scratch maps

What is a scratch map?

A scratch map is world map you can use to reveal the countries you’ve visited. There are two layers on a typical scratch map. The top layer is an elegant gold overlay. On this top layer, you can see country names and borders. In the bottom layer, the countries are colored. Using a coin or similar object, you can scratch off the top layer of the countries you’ve been to, creating a colorful record of your travels.

Take a look at this beautiful scratch map from Luckies.

How does a scratch map work?

  1. The map will come in a tube with a layer protecting the gold overlay. Remove the protective layer.
  2. Set your map on a flat surface, gold layer up. It might help to put heavy objects like books on the corners.
  3. Use a coin or similar object to scratch off the countries you’ve been to.
  4. Pro-tip: If you want to be really specific, consider scratching off only one part of a country.
  5. Hang your map on the wall. Continue to scratch off countries as you visit them. As you visit more countries, more colors will be revealed.
  6. For a visual representation of your travels over time, consider taking a photo of your map each year.