About the world maps

Stanfords has the largest selection of maps between their online and physical store locations. Their world wall map selection certainly reflects this scope. You’ll find any kind of world map you desire, including physical and political maps, childrens’ maps, and more. Particularly beautiful are the reproductions of historical maps, including maps produced by Edward Stanford, founder of Stanfords, in the late 1800s.

Each map lists the size, type of binding, publisher, and scale, so that you can be sure to purchase the map appropriate for you.

About the products in general

Stanfords is a British tradition, having opened its doors in 1853. Their central store, located in London, opened in 1901. This store, whose customers include Ernest Shackelton, Florence Nightingale, Bill Bryson, Michael Palin, and the fictional Sherlock Holmes, boasts the world’s largest selection of maps and travel books in one location. The physical location in London is worth a visit for travel inspiration, and to find rare items from around the world. The company is also able to source items that you can’t find in their online or physical stores. Browse the website for the option to search maps by travel location, outdoor activity, or to see lists of suggested gifts.

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, Stanfords is a British institution well worth a visit.

Stanfords logo

Company: Stanfords
Country: United Kingdom
City: Covent Garden, London
Price Range: World wall maps starting at $13.00
Products: Maps, atlases, globes, furniture, accessories, books
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: United Kingdom, International
Website: http://www.stanfords.co.uk/
Contact: weborders@stanfords.co.uk, or (UK) 020.7836.1321

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