About the world maps

Map Shop is an online and brick and mortar store with over 11,000 maps. The world maps include maps for children and the classroom, framed maps, and unusual maps. Particularly interesting is the curated section of the company’s best world maps, which include the staff’s picks for the best world maps. The classroom maps will be valuable to more than geography teachers with options including an English-as-a-second-language map, a climate map, and a precipitation map. Consumers can also find world map murals to fill an entire wall and create a sense of adventure in every room.

About the products in general

Map Shop is proud to house a brick and mortar shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. The store’s shelves are filled with travel-related items, including maps, guide books, pins, luggage locks, adaptors, converts, and a wide selection of maps. A fixture of the local community since 1991, the company maintains a strong personal business culture.

Map Shop separates itself with its people-focused attitude. The company’s owners, a couple, regularly work in the store and interact with customers. For customers looking for a personal touch, Map Shop is the place to go.

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Company: The Map Shop
Country: United States
City: Charlotte, North Carolina
Price Range: Wall maps start at $11.95
Products: Wall maps, world maps, classroom maps, globes, hiking maps, map pins, map measurers, compasses, software, wrapping paper
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: Worldwide
Website: http://www.mapshop.com/
Contact: (US) +1.800.532.6675, or mapguy@mapshop.com