About the company and products

Vinyl Impression is a British company that specializes in wall stickers. They have a huge amount of murals in many different shapes and sizes. A part of the wall stickers collection are the world map stickers. The giant sticky maps are often used in offices to pinpoint locations. Average sized world map stickers are mainly sold as wall decoration.

Next to the collection of world map stickers, Vinyl Impression also sells all different kind of pinpoints which you can use to show locations on your world map. They even have a world map sticker where the countries are separated. That gives the ability to customize your map by adding separate countries in different colors to it.
Vinyl Impression

Company: Vinyl Impression
Country: England
City: East Grinstead
Price Ranges: £30.00 – £99.00
Products: World map stickers
Ships to: anywhere in the world
Other: Common sizes: 105x60cm / 3.4×1.9ft – 209x120cm / 7x4ft
266x152cm / 9ft world map and 300x170cm / 10ft world map
e-mail: hello@vinylimpression.co.uk

World Map sticker 6 Vinyl Impression  World Map sticker 5 Vinyl Impression  World Map sticker 4 Vinyl Impression  World Map sticker Vinyl Impression  World Map sticker 3 Vinyl Impression  World Map sticker 2 Vinyl Impression