About the world maps

The Wall Sticker Company produces wall stickers that can be applied and removed from any plaster wall. Their world maps make a visual statement, but also add a sense of adventure to any space. For children’s space, find a large multi-colored world map sticker. In a study, adhere a smaller world map poster, or add an all-black world map for a classy, modern space. Any room benefits from the detailed world map that covers an entire wall.

About the products in general

The Wall Sticker Company produces wall stickers, and only wall stickers! With such a specialization, the company is able to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. In addition to map designs, the company sells nursery, boy, girl, animal, and tree specific designs. Or, use The Wall Sticker Company’s wallpaper to highlight an entire space.

The Wall Sticker Company works hard to ensure that stickers will not damage customers’ walls. Each sticker is made from a fabric that allows for easy adhesion and removal from plaster walls. If you’re still not sure that the wallpaper is right for you, The Wall Sticker Company will send you a free sample to try.

For an easy, clean wall adhesive, use The Wall Sticker Company.

The Wall Sticker Company logo

Company: The Wall Sticker Company
Country: Australia
City: Various store locations
Price Range: map stickers star at $55
Products: wall stickers
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: International
Website: https://www.thewallstickercompany.com.au/
Contact: (US) +1.877.807.5901, or on the website

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