About the world maps

World Home Art has created an entire line of geoMundi world map projects. These elegant maps are three-dimensional cut outs that display the highest quality craftsmanship. Each map is made entirely in the company’s workshop with no outsourcing. These maps are interior design art, and add a clear sophistication to any indoor or outdoor location.

The maps feature a wide range of finishes in a number of colors. There are also options for finishes such as ferro (cold rolled steel), steel, wood, aluminum, and luxury styles such as gold or chromed. The maps also come in a range of sizes from 50 inches x 25 inches (125cm x 62.5cm) to 120 inches x 60 inches (300cm x 150cm) with the option to request a unique size if desired. With a high-end feel, goeMundi world maps display craftsmanship, good taste, and an interest in the world.

About the products in general

The first geoMundi map was intended as a one-time gift, made by current designer Peter Sprengers. However, the huge amount of positive reaction he received convinced Peter, along with fellow designer Dennis Van Poppel, to create expand the geoMundi line and create an entire range of world map products.

Dennis and Peter work together to design, create, market, and sell the maps from their workshop in the Netherlands.

World Home art logo

Country: Netherlands
City: Tilburg
Price Range: World maps starting at (USD) $580
Products: World Map Art
Payment Method: Secure online credit card
Ships to: Netherlands, contact them for international shipping
Website: http://www.worldhomeart.com/en/
Contact: (Netherlands) +31653652843, info@dutchhomeart.com

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