Example World Map corkboard

World Map corkboard

A nice map of the world may be a suitable object to decorate your wall with. But wouldn’t it be so much nicer to also use this map to point out all your travel experience and favorite sites? Well, with a world map form cork board this is not only possible, but it also makes your wall map a lot more fun. With small pins for example you can customize your own world map just by simply pinning your holiday pictures. Or perhaps you want to customize these pins, one for each major city. With the cork board type of world map everything is possible.

How to make your own corkboard world map

Corkboard maps are a fun, interactive way to memorialize your trips. In addition to looking great on your wall, you can pin mementos, tickets, photos, postcards and more to the maps. Here’s how to make your own corkboard world map. If do-it-yourself projects are not your style, don’t worry! You can buy corkboard maps at a number of online map stores.


  1. X-acto knife or similar
  2. Cork (1/8-1/4 in, 3-6mm thick)
  3. Wall adhesive (consider something like this)


  1. Cutting board
  2. Pins, photos, mementos, etc.

This project is courtesy of The Sorry Girls.

  1. Find an image of the world that you like.
  2. Use blockposters, a fantastic and free online resource, to expand and print the image.
  3. Lay the cork on top of your cutting board. Cut out the continents and arrange them on the corkboard to use the least amount of space possible. You can choose which island you want to include. A word of advice: label the islands before you move them around!
  4. Pin the paper continents to the cork with pushpins.
  5. Using your x-acto knife, cut the cork around the shape of the paper.
  6. Using your wall adhesive, attached the map to the wall. Make sure to use a reference map and/or a friend to make sure you get the placement right.
  7. Voila! Your map is done. Now add pins, photos, or mementos.